Crabs That Should Be on Your Table


Whether you eat gourmet steamed crabs or a simple crab recipe, one thing is for sure: this food item could be a good source of vitamins and minerals and you may have a satisfying eating experience. However, cooking crab is not easy to do for you have to think about many things. Needless to say, you have to produce the best ingredients and pour out your passion and love into it. However, one of the most important things in a crab recipe is the crab itself.

So, what crabs should you obtain to fulfill crab-lover’s eating desires? Firstly, you need to be able to buy healthy crabs in the market. A healthy crab should be active. Lethargy is an indication of sickness that may affect the taste of crab meat and may even cause some serious diseases. In addition to that, you may check crabs for the presence of mites. Of course, crabs infected with these and other forms of parasites are not healthy and can affect the health when ingested by human beings. More importantly, a dead crab is an absolute no-no. If you a happen to go to a seafood market for crabs, there is no way you should buy it unless you want a badly prepared crab recipe or want to get sick afterwards.

Secondly, you must obtain freshly harvested crabs. The fresher it is, the better the taste of your food will be. Hence, try to buy crab online which delivers the freshest crabs. See to it that the crabs were harvested not more than 24 hours from its natural environment. If this is not possible, then choose crabs which are placed in the water taken from its own habitat and are kept aerated. Simply putting the crabs in an ice chest filled with great amount of ice would cause them to die and are not really recommended as stated in the previous paragraph in this article. Get more info here!

Thirdly, choose crabs that were harvested according their appropriate age. Too young crabs may not contain the right amount of meat you need in your recipe while too old crabs could not give the best taste. Do not be deceived by the size of the crab. Some crabs would appear big or size appropriate because of its shell types but actually too young to be harvested. For that reason, it would be recommended to order crabs from reputable crab suppliers so you can guarantee its quality. Check out this website at for more details about crabs.


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